Kicking Off the 2017 BEST Robotics Competition

This year’s Gifted and Talented students are already diving into robotics. The Kickoff, hosted by our local volunteers, will be held at TSJC on September 2nd. At this event the new field will be unveiled, along with all of the information for the competition. Then it’s up to the teams to engineer a robot that can complete the tasks of the course. The field will be set up for Practice Day, where teams can bring their works-in-progress to test them out and show off their progress. Our hub is lucky enough to have helpful volunteers, such as David Dominguez, who makes frequent trips to participating schools to give tips and tricks. Also, the competition would be impossible if it weren’t for all of the volunteers who set up the course, plan events, and run the game. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and we’ll give the times and places where you can support our team!

See you soon!

BEST Robotics:
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